Over half our support in recent months has come from Australia.  We're coming to say 'thank you'.


Gavin McInnes shot to fame in the early nineties as a co-founder of VICE Magazine. He’s known as the “Godfather of Hipsterdom” and has been called “one of hipsterdom’s primary architects”. During his time at VICE, he was known for his raucous and irreverent take on the world and controversial, no-holds-barred opinions. Funny as he is controversial, he’s famous for his use of humour and satire to lampoon the excesses of political correctness. His brash, comedic style of commentary has seen him banned from Twitter, earned him millions of fans across the world and seen him launch his own men's club, 'The Proud Boys'. This tour will be the first time McInnes has been in Australia, where he plans to bring his unique blend of comedy and politics to the stage for an unforgettable evening.




Tommy Robinson is an independent journalist, political activist, author, and man of the British people. Tommy was originally known for founding the English Defence League.  He led the EDL from 2009 until 8 October 2013, when he decided to leave  as he wasn't happy with extreme elements who managed to infiltrate the organisation. This past May, Tommy Robinson was unprecedentedly incarcerated in the U.K. for 13 months for allegedly violating reporting restrictions on an ongoing child rape gang trial. His arrest launched a massive outcry from the British people igniting a free speech movement in the U.K and around the world, including here in Australia. Tommy was finally vindicated recently when a judge ruled that his case was too complex for a judicial decision without cross-examination of the evidence.


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Dear ticket holders,
First, thank you for your support. Without people supporting free speech in this country, events like the Deplorables Tour would not be possible. 
That being said, holding events of this nature is not without its never-ending list of roadblocks. It seems since the original Milo Tour and Nigel Farage Tour, the opposition has found stronger ways to try to disrupt events like this taking place in Australia. Unfortunately, this has taken its toll on this year's planned Milo, Gavin and Tommy speaking tour, forcing us to postpone the event yet again. 
We are aware of the toll this takes on the you, from scheduling to travel arrangements, and for this, we are incredibly sorry. We understand how this undermines your confidence in the tour, but we need your ongoing support and understanding to continue to fight for the rights of our speakers to be heard. Rest assured, we firmly believe in this cause and will fight until all possible avenues have been exhausted.
As a direct result of the Department of Immigration's baseless decision to deny Gavin McInnes a visa and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the information leak to the ABC, we have engaged one of the best immigration lawyers in the country to appeal the decision and overturn the decision. We are now confident that with the appropriate facts supplied, and in the absence of false and misleading information presented through the media, we will be successful in in our efforts to overturn the decision. Similarly, to avoid a similar scenario occurring with Milo and Tommy, we are working closely with our lawyers to ensure their visas are processed smoothly. 
As you may have noticed we have reissued new tickets these last two weeks’, and these remain valid for the new dates.  If you did not receive a ticket, please email and we’ll get it sorted for you.
After the cancellation of the Milo & Ann tour, we promised to honour any ticket holders who wished to attend our event. Due to a disagreement with Milo, AE Media have been reluctant to help us with this process, which involves manually re-ticketing those people who wish to attend the new show. As a reminder, we are not responsible for refunding Milo & Ann tickets, however as a result of poor communication on behalf of AE Media our staff have had to deal with hostilities from ticket holders looking for refunds.

Despite all this, we will continue to honour any Milo & Ann ticket holders who still wish to see Gavin & Tommy in action in the upcoming event. Though there is no financial incentive for us to do so, we want as many people as possible to enjoy the show and to continue this very important fight for our right to free speech.

To show your support for Gavin and Tommy’s visa application, you can sign our petition. Make your voice heard and share as much as possible.

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